How We Vet Our Members

Our association vets all its members, vendors, who we call resources, so you can feel comfortable that you’re working with the very best, the highest quality, the most ethical and the most reliable.

In fact, you will find that these resources are much more than vendors. They care about your company. They will educate you, partner with you, and recommend whatever you need for the best total solution. They will also tell you if they are not what you need.

When you see our seal on a company’s website, you know that they have met stringent requirements and have been vetted to meet our level of expectations of experience, quality, integrity and reliability.

Resource Referral Center is a highly committed, mutually supportive, experienced group of members/vendors that seeks to bring expert and verified products and services to the clients who use our introduction services.


We only choose members that other members recommend and who meet these criteria:

  • Highly reliable and dependable
  • Known to be an expert on their field, profession or industry
  • Have a track record of at least 10 years in business or 15 years in that field, profession or industry
  • Have case studies and testimonials verifying their success with clients
  • Willing to bring value to each other’s clients in partnerships when appropriate

Each candidate has a pre-qualification meeting and is then interviewed by a committee made up of other members. This process ensures that the candidate and his/her company meet the high standards to be promoted by RRC and its members. Then the candidate goes through an onboarding process that integrates his/her company into the RRC membership and our procedures for bringing great value to the clients who seek us out.

If your company meets the criteria described and would like to start a discussion about becoming a member, please send us an email

Our Resources for You

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