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We help clients save money and avoid legal issues by providing research on any potential brand name, business name, logo, or slogan the business is considering using. The research includes a review of US federal trademarks, state trademarks, and international trademarks, as well as review of use on the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, Walmart and Amazon. We provide a summary to review the availability of the desired trademark so the client can make an informed decision as to whether to utilize the trademark.

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15 years in the industry

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Small-Medium Businesses B to C – Our end product is for any business with a brand name to protect B to B – Businesses that advise or service other businesses (Ex: Web Design, Graphic Design, Business Strategist, Business Coaches, Incubators) Financial Advisors, Accountants, Attorneys, Start-up advisors

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  • USA

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"Trademark Prospector helped me research my Brand name, because I wanted a brand name that I could protect as a federal trademark. Now, I have a brand name that passed federal trademark examiner inspection and is federally protected. Check out my unique fashion brand at" - Sheer Sebag, Founder of Sheer LLC

Case Study

1) Client had a food product that it wanted to sell in a major retail store but the major retail store required the brand name to be trademarked. 2) Client ordered trademark research from Trademark Prospector on the current brand name. 3) Research revealed an inability to federally register the current brand name, and, therefore, Client chose a new brand name. 4) Client ordered trademark research on the proposed new brand name from Trademark Prospector. 5) The new brand name passed the research review, and client went on to utilize the new brand name and to eventually secure a US federal trademark on the brand name.

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