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Susan De Robertis

Revenue Generation

Sales training/consulting
Lead generation

Services - Short Description

Business Revenue Coach, CFO Advisor

Services – Long Description

Profit Acceleration Mastery - Your Roadmap To Success. Work with me and have increased earnings and revenue, make more money and keep more of your money. Your profits are your profits. Susan De Robertis brings over 25 years of experience in finance and accounting, providing services as a CFO for Hire, Business Coach and Public Speaker.

Years in Business

started 2001

Special Designations, Certifications or Honors

  • Certified Divorce Mediator

Target Business Size

Start-ups/small/medium size businesses 500K - 50Mil in annual sales, 1 to 100 employees, all industries, especially Creatives & Architects.

Geographic Area Serviced

  • National: currently in NY, NJ, CT, GA, TX, FL, CA

Previous Clients

  • The Rockwell Group, Tirschwell & Co., Inc, Milestone Images LLC, Callahan Inc., Lothrop Associates, Jewels of SouthEast Asia LLC., Zlokower Company.


(Business owner) was an outstanding financial manager for my public relations firm for nearly 15 years. Trustworthy, a great problem solver, well-organized, and adept in human relations - I highly recommend "consultant"!

Case Study

The Situation: International. Architectural & Design Firm experienced massive growth and grew from 80 to 200 employees in one year. The Problem: Existing Systems no longer worked, no Accounting Department Head, no Financial Forecasting, and no Revenue Flow. The Consequences: No Cash Flow - $8 Mil in Receivables and no way to bring it in. The Results Produced: Systems were put in place and communication was established with Fortune 500 Clients ( Disney, Sony, Nobu, Planet Hollywood ) - resulting in $1,000,000 in cash received within 8 weeks. $5,000,000 in cash received within the year. Financial planning & forecasting established - CEO’s financial goals realized; he wanted a $250,000 bonus quarterly for himself and the "consultant" made sure he got it! How did the "consultant" do it: Communication and mediation skills were key in negotiating with clients, their legal teams, and their studio heads. All players had to be brought to the table. Most importantly - the "consultant," asked each client why they did not honor the invoices and pay them. ALL of the clients answered the same - they did not understand the invoices and they were not in accordance with the contracts. The "consultant," read each contract, verified the information, and had the invoices revised to reflect the contracts so that the clients could process the payments. The "consultant," saw to it that each and every client was satisfied with the process.

Company Literature

(914) 450-9292

23 Mathes Street
Lake Peekskill, New York