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Lisa Munjack

Revenue Generation

Marketing/Digital Marketing
Website design

Services - Short Description

Marketing Agency for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

Services – Long Description

Branding, marketing strategy, logo design, web site design and content creation, writing of blogs, email marketing campaigns, social media posting, press release creation and distribution.

Years in Business


Special Designations, Certifications or Honors

  • Winner of Addy Award for copywriting

Target Business Size

Small to mid-size businesses from 1 to 40 employees, any industry

Geographic Area Serviced

  • USA

Previous Clients

  • L.H. Frishkoff Tax and Accounting Services, Rici Curly Hair Products, Top Hat Home Services, The Pretty Pink Rooster clothing boutique, Corporate Insight, SolarKal commercial solar advisor


“This firm helped us build our company’s marketing plans from the ground up. The owner is highly strategic, with an eye on the tactical execution as well. As an integral part of our marketing team, she created marketing and sales processes that can be used across any of our verticals. She is a flexible team player who can be counted on to pitch in at a moment’s notice. She and her team also helped us determine our company messaging and creative design. I highly recommend this company for any organization that needs new direction or a fresh perspective." Shari W., Sr. Marketing Manager, Corporate Insight

Case Study

The company was in chaos. Making money, but in chaos. New products were being created monthly, without a plan or proper communication to the sales team. The website was outdated. Social media was being used infrequently and incorrectly. Our firm worked with the Research, Product and Sales teams to improve communication, build out a Product Launch marketing plan, create a social media calendar and completely revamped the website design and content. We also instituted additional lead generation for the Sales team through monthly webinars and worked with Sales on a timely follow up plan. There are no longer any surprises or playing catch up. There is a clear plan in place with multiple marketing action steps for each new product. The sales team receives highly qualified leads through the webinars and has an email funnel in place to follow up with these leads. The social media channels are being used for valuable and timely content, using the proper hashtags. The new website is SEO friendly. It's up and running, better reflecting the sophistication of their customers .

Company Literature

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