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Employment lawyer - employer's lawyer

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As an employment attorney, I use my knowledge of employment law to encourage employers to make a paradigm shift in how they relate to their employees and foster a healthier work culture. Lawsuits are avoidable. Audits with steep penalties are avoidable. High employee turnover and its attendant costs are avoidable. Damage to the employer brand and company brand is avoidable. The employer sets the tone for the relationship it will have with its employees. In turn, employees are either the employer’s biggest liability or biggest asset and best brand ambassadors. Using employment laws as a baseline, this is where I help. Actual services include, without limitation: evaluation of current practices, review of policies, employee handbooks, implementation of new policies and practices, informal mediation of internal disputes, monitoring compliance with policies, procedures, and laws, training tailor-made for the client on hot-button employment topics such as DEI, disability accommodation, pay equity, wage and hour issues, I-9 issues and many more. I have also walked employers through difficult terminations designed to ensure safe, amicable outcomes. The above is not an exhaustive list of the services I offer.

Years in Business

Since 2013

Special Designations, Certifications or Honors

  • Board Member Child and Family Resources of Morris County, NJ Contributing Author of upcoming treatise to be published by LEXIS NEXIS on Employment Contracts (anticipated publication date May 2024). Guest author on Law360.

Target Business Size

Small to mid-size businesses, i.e., from 5-500 employees ideally, any industry.

Geographic Area Serviced

  • Licensed in NJ and NY, can also work with employers elsewhere on federal legal issues as long as I am not appearing in another state’s courts.

Previous Clients

  • 1. Liquor distributor in NJ with about 800 employees; 2. Company providing tag labels technology for optics and jewelry in NJ, about 30 employees. 3. Employee and Tenant background screening company in NJ (about 10 employees). 4. HR Consulting firm in Rochester, NY area, about 5 direct employees that has multiple clients for whom my client needs legal review, advice, consulting, etc., 5. Reverse logistics company in Brooklyn NY, specializes in repair and diagnostics of consumer electronics (about 40-50 employees).


"As a business owner and attorney, Janette knows the importance of building strong, lasting relationships with clients. She takes the time to listen and understand their situation, explain the options, and ensure everyone is on the same page before taking action. Janette's legal expertise is second to none, and her dedication to helping her clients do what is right for them is limitless. As a human resource consultant, I am very cautious about who I recommend to my clients. I'm happy to say Janette is my "go-to" attorney when a client needs employment-related legal advice as well as when I need legal assistance. (HR Consulting Firm for whom JSL provides legal services)." "Janette is exceptional! Her expert guidance, timeliness, and understanding of how to meld disparate perspectives are among the best I have witnessed. I can always rely on Janette to accurately determine requirements and work to achieve mutually beneficial decisions among all parties involved. Federal and State Legislation can be complex and difficult to understand, but Janette is able to quickly ascertain how alignment can be accomplished. I look forward to continually working with Janette in the years to come and recommend her unreservedly to those seeking professional judgment and sound advice. (Management Consulting Firm for whom JSL provided legal services)." "I enjoyed being an internal client of Janette's for six years. She guided me through the ins and outs of employment law in the ever-changing staffing industry. Janette was a relied-upon resource for lease agreements, contract negotiations, and more. Her advice kept me in compliance and out of court! Her calm demeanor, patience and pleasant interaction made turned my legal seas into smooth sailing. It's my pleasure to recommend Janette! (VP of a staffing firm in NJ where JSL worked as in-house counsel)."

Case Study

Part I – Client needed to terminate an employee who was showing up to work under the influence of alcohol after multiple chances to seek treatment. Employee’s performance suffered; employee was also behaving in a somewhat threatening manner toward co-workers. Client wanted to effectuate a smooth separation. The employee appeared to be less than stable and also owned multiple guns. The client was concerned the employee, if angry would return to the premises with a weapon. Part II- My firm worked with the client to put together a severance package for the employee, and to plan a private meeting with the employee early in the day before other employees would be present. We walked the client through the process of terminating the employee’s employment and securing the premises post-termination (got all badges and keys back, alerted the front desk not to let the employee into the building, reached out to local authorities, etc.) Part III- The termination went smoothly. The former employee signed a severance agreement, which protected the company from lawsuits. The former employee reached out to the company president with questions. The client and the former employee were able to remain civil thereby avoiding any type of post-termination confrontation.

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