Larick Associates, Inc.

Nancy Larick

Revenue Generation

Promotional products/Printing

Services - Short Description

Promotional Products. Gifts, Display, Awards

Services – Long Description

Since 1920, we’ve been helping Companies, Non-Profits and Universities achieve their goals through the use of corporate and promotional gifts and awards. In addition, we make display materials so that our customers remain visible and remarkable.

Years in Business

102, since 1920

Special Designations, Certifications or Honors

  • MWBE, MAS (Master of Ad Specialties)

Target Business Size

Small, Medium and large businesses, non-profits and universities

Geographic Area Serviced

  • USA, International

Previous Clients

  • Credit Agricole, CIB, Roland Foods, ABC-TV, NY Times, Columbia University, Washington University in St. Louis.


"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the invaluable customer service that you have provided to our organization over the past few years. Your professionalism and diligence with all projects has been stellar. Your team has always done whatever it takes to go above and beyond to ensure that we are completely happy with the finished product. The emphasis is very much on the client which is the reason we trust in your business and quality of service." "Thank you for always being so readily accessible and placing our needs and satisfaction as the priority. This does not seem to be as common in the sales industry and we recognize your drive and enthusiasm to assist our office with our product goals. The truth is that we have worked with other vendors in the past and there is simply no comparison to the excellent communications and overall business relationship that we have developed with you all." "We very much look forward to our future business with Larick for many years to come. Thank you for all that you do!" “I really appreciate you along with your staff. You always helped my A&S team secure great merchandise as gifts for our alums and donors. I’m glad to say good things about your company. "

Case Study

Situation: A university was having a reunion. Their goal was a) to make their attendees smile, b) continue to show-off their university affiliation (to make these attendees feel good about being graduates) and c) encourage donations. The university wanted to give them all tee shirts. Fine. But what kind of tee shirt. Why would any attendee choose to wear those particular shirts vs. any of the many others they would certainly own? What we did: Our solution was to get a better, softer tee shirt that would be preferred to all those other shirts. This way, they would a) advertise the school more vs. less; b) feel better and better about their school and their superior gift and c) enhance the relationship between the attendees and the university, thereby increasing the possibility of increased donations. Results: The university received many positive responses from their event attendees. They were so happy with these shirts that they have continued to use this brand of shirt for the last 12 years, even though it costs a little more. They feel it’s well worth a small extra expenditure to get the results that they wanted.

Company Literature

(516) 883-1489

39 Seaview Lane
Port Washington, New York 11050