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Jeri Quinn

Professional Services

Management consulting
Business Coaching
Strategic planning

Services - Short Description

Business Coaching, Management Consulting, Strategic Planning, Meeting Facilitator, Annual Partnership Reviews

Services – Long Description

Most business owners take more time to plan a vacation than they do to plan the growth of their business. We guide you through the creation of your business plan whether if it’s to be used operationally, or to seek a loan or to seek an investor. We coach you to think strategically, stretch your ideas of what’s possible, and plan timelines and milestones. We facilitate the process with your stakeholders, so all voices are heard and there is improved implementation of the finalized plan. We work with business partners, so they communicate well and lead the organization with one voice. We then hold you and other senior leaders in your company accountable to accomplish assigned goals and KPIs (key performance indicators). We also facilitate other high stakes meetings to address conflict resolution, client listening sessions, stakeholder interviews, annual partner reviews, etc.

Years in Business

Since 2006

Special Designations, Certifications or Honors

  • Certified Women Business Enterprise for NYC, NYS, PANYNJ, Certified Business Coach, Conversational Intelligence Certification, Certified to administer various behavioral assessments, author of 2 books and multiple articles

Target Business Size

Corporate, Government, not-for-profit, organizations $5-150 mil in annual revenues

Geographic Area Serviced

  • USA, International

Previous Clients

  • Luxholdups, Rosenthal Law Firm, Bischof & Bischof, Calderon Locksmith, United Print Group, Hey Viv, Interwest United Insurance Group, Tom Martin Media, Moped, York Building Services, Rainbow Movers, Art-Trope, Custom Plastics, Daddy-O Productions, Gastronomie 491, Go Baby, Goldstein Law Firm, Joseph Rosenfeld, Cowart Photography, Ryan Consulting Engineers, Tamara Magel, Vooren Films,


“The founder of Driving Improved Results is my executive coach and has been instrumental in helping me navigate the challenges of this latest growth stage for Luxholdups. She has a unique ability to see a situation from 10,000 ft; whether it’s building a team, delegating more effectively or managing different personalities. Her advice and approach is thoughtful, goal oriented and enthusiastic.” CEO, Luxholdups

Case Study

Situation: A and B became partners in a new tech startup because they wanted to create a business. They shared a vision for a solution that could be used to solve a particular problem. They also heard from venture capitalists and other tech strategists that partnering was encouraged. A was very numbers oriented, progress was measured by stats, views per page, pay per click. His view of their strategic planning was data driven. B was more people oriented, focused on the customer experience, customer service, having non-web strategies to support the business outcome. Not only did these two orientations affect business strategy, it effected how they worked together. B took some time off to handle family issues and A resented it because he would not have made the same choice. Action: A and B hired this business coach to work out their differences. She coached them to rediscover why they had chosen each other in the first place, and helped them reestablish trust, empathy and likability. Then in that space of using the prefrontal cortex, she debriefed assessments so they could objectively look at their similarities and differences. They then looked at options for moving forward, dividing duties, growing different parts of the company, using scarce resources in various ways. Results: A and B decided to break up their partnership. They continued as friends respecting each other’s different points of view. They came to the conclusion that, as a startup, they couldn’t work together when they each wanted to follow such different strategies to grow the company. And the resources weren’t present to do both simultaneously.

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