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Jeri Quinn

Revenue Generation

Executive Coaching, Leadership Development
Management Training,
Team building

Talent Management and HR

Customer Service Training
Organizational design
Job benchmarking

Services - Short Description

Executive coaching, Management Skills Training, Team Building, Communication & Collaboration, Customer Service, Job Benchmarking

Services – Long Description

We offer professional development for leaders through coaching executives to think bigger, resolve conflicts, improve emotional intelligence, reveal blind spots, enhance corporate culture and lead their organizations confidently. We provide an objective mirror so a leader can get unbiased feedback to explore and grow. We also work with senior leadership teams to: - help the company become the company everyone wants to work for - improve communications and collaboration. - address productivity in intercultural environments - provide training on remote team management and team building - build customer service skills and design the customer journey - assess job openings and candidates to find good matches and reduce mis-hires - train and coach managers to become performance coaches because people don’t quit companies, they quit their managers. We use 360 assessments to help leaders develop specific abilities. We also work with assessments that measure communication, motivation, soft skills, decision making and emotional intelligence.

Years in Business

Since 2006

Special Designations, Certifications or Honors

  • Certified Women Business Enterprise for NYC, NYS, PANYNJ, Certified Business Coach, Conversational Intelligence Certification, Certified to administer various behavioral assessments, author of 2 books and multiple articles

Target Business Size

Corporate, Government, not-for-profit, organizations $5-150 mil in annual revenues, any industry

Geographic Area Serviced

  • USA, International

Previous Clients

  • NYC – various Departments, UBS, The Foundation for Defense of Democracies . Goodwill Industries, MoMA, Awisco, ARC, Industrial Technical Assistance Association, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Frenkel Benefits, Sprout, Acme smoked Fish, Ice Dance Theater, B-Squared, Linda Hamilton, CPA, LS Power, Patina Rentals, Savignano CPA,


"Being part of a rapidly growing startup environment creates many opportunities as well as challenges. As I’ve taken on new roles along our growth curve, my coach has helped at each stage by coaching me in a variety of ways. She’s helped in letting go of past duties, transferring those activities to direct reports, and carving out new responsibilities in my new roles. Since the dynamics and responsibilities of operating at higher levels of an organization differ compared to lower levels, receiving advice on obstacles and opportunities involving people, politics, and other challenges, has greatly helped frame the right conversations at the right times. Her non biased point of view on difficult situations provides a fresh angle to obstacles and opportunities that may have otherwise gone missing." --Operations Manger , Private Equity Firm

Case Study

Situation; An Executive director of a nonprofit was leading his organization through the challenges of the pandemic. The team performed in-person services while dealing with staff shortages, internal conflicts, less-than-effective legacy employees in key positions, accountability and delegation issues. As a result, client services suffered, morale was low, and he took on too much of his employees’ work, negatively impacting his own work/life balance. Action Taken: He invested in executive coaching over 12 months to improve his abilities to develop and manage others, engage and mobilize his team and create a high performance culture. Results: Observers gave him high ratings in improved delegation, new hires, enhanced team dynamics, and an improved culture for both employees and clients. The time realized by improved delegation and accountability was used to create innovative programs and find additional cost/expense savings. The total amount monetized was $59,363; a ROI of 889.4% when coaching expenses were taken into consideration.

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