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Business Formation, Trademark Filing, Copyright Filing, Website Terms and Conditions, Contract Drafting and Review, Employee Documentation, Employee Handbooks, Non-Disclosure Agreements

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  • University of Miami Law School, Order of the Coif (Honor Society)

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$0 – $3 million in annual sales, any industry

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  • New York, Maryland, Washington DC, Florida

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  • Can not disclose due to attorney client privilege


Case Study

Services Agreement A business was doing business on a handshake without a contract. They had a dispute with the client over what was ordered and what was owed and had no good documentation of the order or amounts due. To avoid this in the future, the Business sought contract drafting from our firm, which helped them draft a robust Services Agreement. After they implemented their Services Agreement with their clients, they had specific terms of what was ordered, due dates, amounts due, and they had an agreement to enforce in court if the Client breached the agreement. Timely Trademark Filing A business came to our firm because they wanted to be able to keep other companies from operating under its business name in similar fields. After performing trademark research to ensure availability, we filed the business name as a trademark with the USPTO. A few weeks later, another business tried to file the exact same name with the USPTO for the same goods and services. Because the client filed its trademark timely, it was able to keep the other business from filing the trademark and using it.

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