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Web Development, Digital Marketing, Strategy, Execution

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DIGITAL MARKETER & WEB DESIGNER. From the strategy to the execution we help small businesses thrive on the web. My education started at The University of Michigan (BA) and continued at The University of Notre Dame (MBA Marketing). I worked on major mass market brands at Leo Burnett Advertising and Tracy Locke (McDonald’s, Kraft, Pepsi), and then helped build and sell a company called Screenvision. After years selling advertising in non-traditional media brands, I became the Chief Marketing Officer at X10 Therapy where I continue to create marvelous marketing for that organization each day. In addition to that wonderful work, today I help small businesses grow leveraging my deep knowledge of marketing strategy and practice. We usually start with building a website and then build out marketing programs from that.

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"PJ does amazing web development work and works quickly. He built out our radio station website within two weeks and has been maintaining it since then. I can say only good things about the work that he does." - Eitan Battat "We are so proud of our Open Nesters website - a site for people in Act III of their lives. PJ and CMO write blogs, produce and syndicate our podcast, and created our marvelous site". - Stacey Krone "My website is my business. I am so glad that I trusted PJ Ewing and CMO." - Esther Russell.

Case Study

The $500,000 YouTube Video. Situation: X10 Therapy needed more business and wanted to make a difference in the lives of its clients and potential clients. Action: CMO did a video shoot, edited the footage and placed the video on YouTube. Results: Shortly after placement organic views started to come in. And phone calls and emails. One video on YouTube and nine (9) years later that video is worth $15,000 per week in new business for X10 Therapy. It is the golden goose that keeps on laying eggs for the company. You can learn more at

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