Mike Connolly (Co-Founder)

Mike Connolly has 25 years of experience training business development staff in the security guard industry. His clients have included AIG, Wells Fargo Guard Services, Burns Security, Triton Security, Maximum Security, and Securitas. He currently runs Connolly Enterprises and consults with companies to provide these services. 

Focused on Increasing the Top Line

Mike’s clients have achieved a minimum 40%-80% increase in getting the first appointments by using his highly successful training programs.

He is a specialist in:

  • Assisting a sales team in getting new business
  • Targeting the right clients
  • Filling and refilling sales pipelines
  • Overcoming the difficulty inherent in getting that 1st appointment
  • Helping a client hire star salespeople and weeding out those who are ineffective
  • Energizing and motivating those around him
Mike Connoly

Mike as Matchmaker

“Basically, Mike is “Mr. Security”. As a fellow security executive, I continually am impressed with both his knowledge and contacts. I recently landed one of the largest customers ever for our company because of Mike’s recommendation. He understood that his customer and our products were a perfect match and presented a ‘win-win’ situation for all.”   — Ted Humphrey, Security Professional

Early Achievements

Mike attended St. Bonaventure University on a basketball scholarship. Mike had the pleasure of playing against Oscar Robertson on the hardcourt in the NIT… a true highlight. He finished his degree at Jersey City State with a degree in elementary education. Mike taught grammar school out of college. He entered the security industry soon afterward.

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