Lisa Munjack

Lisa Munjack is the President of Munjack Marketing, Queen Bee of the “Empollinate” small business owner online marketing course and co-owner of Verona Yoga.  

Vast Sales Experience

For most of her professional career, she led the Promotion Department at the New York Post. 10 years ago, she formed a virtual marketing agency, Munjack Marketing. Munjack Marketing is a full-service marketing department for B2B and B2C businesses with up to 40 employees.  

They specialize in content marketing. The agency’s sweet spot is family-owned businesses.

Lisa lives in Verona, NJ with her husband, plus a pandemic puppy who she is convinced is partially possessed by a demon.  Her son goes to Temple University and her daughter is at the University of South Carolina.

Lisa Munjack
Lisa Munjack

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