Jeri Quinn (Co-Founder)

Jeri is a serial entrepreneur who has always focused on bringing value. The Resource Referral Center is her sixth company. She currently also runs a business coaching/professional training and development company (Driving Improved Results) and a property management company. She’s also founded and run an IT firm, a marketing agency in the education industry, and a human services consultancy. In her early career she was an educator and a therapist.

The breadth of her business background has given her the perspective of what vendors a business needs to run reliably and smoothly as well as stand out and succeed. In her role as a business coach, she encourages businesses to outsource to specialists. This helps the business get better results and helps the company scale.

In Print

Jeri has authored several business books and several articles inside other books.She is the author of The Customer Loyalty Playbook and The Business Divorce Institute

Her most recent article “Eight Lies Business Leaders Tell Themselves” was published in the book Shared Wisdom: Tips from Business Experts on How YOU Can Achieve Success


She is a speaker and has recently given webinars on ‘The Great Resignation’ and ‘Returning to the Workplace.’ She enjoys being a podcast guest.

Jeri Quinn

The purpose of her life has always been to empower others and she’s done that as a parent, teacher, therapist, executive/business coach and business owner.

While business is fun, exciting and often addicting, it can always be enhanced by sharing dark chocolate, a glass of prosecco, and lots of dancing.

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